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Why do what we do?

Chief Donator is committed to raising $’s to Donate to Grassroots Community and Sports Groups.


We want to help our community groups to remain active and engaged. We know by our personal, our children's, family and friend’s involvement in clubs that without financial support clubs would struggle to exist. We have all been roped in to buying chocolates, attending trivia nights, pie drives, selling raffles etc and we thought how can we make this much easier.


With some collective thought as to how we could achieve this goal, whilst also making it possible to give those involved some reward for effort, we created this unique fund-raising tool, Chief Donator.


How do we do it?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, (2010) The rate of participation in social groups was between 60% and 65% for all age groups up to 65-74 years. The greatest proportion of participants were involved in sports and recreation at 35%. Now if that trend has continued then that means that about 15 million Aussies are activiely involved in community groups.


Did you know that Companies/Businesses spent just short of $16 Billion in 2017 trying to get the attention of those 15 million, this is according to Magna Australia, and this amount is expected to continue to grow annually. How much of that is Google, Facebook & ebay etc kicking back to the community? So, we know that if we can link Group Members and Supporters to the Suppliers/Sellers by way of advertising, that is a way to raise $’s that can be donated.


Suppliers/Sellers Register to Advertise on Chief Donator to connect with the massive Buying Group that is the Group Members and or Supporters, (Registered Buyers). All businesses selling products and services want access to these Buyers. They also know that their advertising spend ($'s) is doing more, by helping to support the community.


Group Members and or Supporters Register as Buyers to create the Buying Group which is Marketed by Chief Donator to the Suppliers/Sellers. Buyers are not charged to be on the site. But by Registering that helps groups get access to much needed funds whilst also getting access to exclusive deals on a wide range of products/services from our suppliers.


But wait, it gets better. Do you have a member or supporter of your group that has a great product or service? Or maybe you have businesses who are affiliated with your club? If they register as a supplier with Chief Donator then their subscription fee goes back to your group. Plus, when they renew their membership the funds are automatically transferred back to your group – it works like an annuity. It’s really a win-win.



Register on Chief Donator and help to support your community whilst connecting with the largest group of Buyers in Australia.


Club Members and Supporters

Register as a Buyer (there is no cost) and help raise $’s for your community group. You can contact Chief Donator and get our assistance to start a group fundraising programme. Or jump straight in and register! Don't forget to nominate your group by using its name as the Company Name in the registration form.