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What we do?

Plucka raises revenues through advertising on their site and working with businesses, uses that revenue to create employment opportunities for Youth and the Longterm Unemployed.


We assist businesses financialy to create new jobs within their work places, with an expectation that these roles will become permanent.


How do we do it?

Did you know that Companies/Businesses spent just short of $16 Billion in 2017 on advertising, this is according to Magna Australia, and this amount is expected to continue to grow annually. So what did they expect to get for that spend, obviously increased revenues for their businesses. However, we believe that advertising should also provide sellers with information from the market about their campaign. What Plucka offers is demonstrable and measured responses to the advertising created on our site.


Our site allows Registered Sellers to create advertising campaigns that are then viewed by our Registered Buyers who will react in one of three ways to Do You Like This Offer, Yes, No and Buy. The total number of reactions are clearly displayed on the advertisement for the seller to get instant and measurable feedback.


When the seller creates the campaign they nominate an amount they will donate to our cause, with the expected number of reactions they want for this amount, think of it as pay per click in reverse. The seller only ever pays for the amount of reactions they get.


The Registered Buyers view the ads they are interested in and react, because they support our cause to help create employment opportunities.



Register on Plucka and help people get a start in the workforce or get back to work, whilst connecting with the largest group of Buyers in Australia.


Everyone Can Help

Register as a Buyer (there is no cost) and help us to reduce unemployment.