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Plucka targets donating $500,000 Yearly to Local Sports and Community Clubs

PLucka want's to help our community to stay connected, fit and healthy by supporting their club activities. Help us to achieve our target of donating $500,000 yearly by building the largest membership of Buyers possible. The more Buyers that are Registered, the more Sellers will want to Register. Then we can reach or exceed our target by donating 15% of the Seller Registration Fee. In the future, we expect to increase that donation % as the membership grows.


To do this we need your help, please Register as a Buyer. There is No Cost and we absolutely do not sell or pass on your information. Anyone can register, we all buy things and we all want to find the best deals or offers. Whether you are buying for your business or for you personally, find it on Plucka. Please Register as a Buyer.


It's a Win Win, Buyers and Sellers get access to a very useful value-adding service and Local Sports and Community Clubs get much needed funds.


Plucka Lead on where to get the best Offers 

Find Suppliers of the Products and or Services you need, in the areas that you need them.


Search for Bargains and or Deals the Sellers have advertised on the site for the products and or services you want or need.


Place a Buying Request with details about what, where and when you need it and let Plucka do the work of getting the best offers for you to consider, we chase the suppliers to get them to respond. The offers are placed directly in to your Dashboard for you to compare, query and accept the best offer made. There are no costs for this service.


Plucka is a valuable resource for you and or your Business. Plucka does the work of Finding and Presenting the best Market Offers for you to Compare and Choose from. Stop wasting your time and energy searching all over the place, Plucka has it all presented in one single and convenient location.


Registration for Buyers is Free.


Register as A Seller

Create new sales opportunities. 


Register and access Buying Requests providing new sales opportunities. Filter them down to the Products and or Services your Business provides in the Locations you service and make a direct offer to that Buyer.


Using your Personalised Dashboard, you can review the offers you have made and communicate with the Buyer to complete the Sales transaction.


Create a Profile of your Business on the site and market your products and or services to our registered Buyers. Publish information about your Business on the site giving Buyers all the information they need to make informed buying choices about your Products and or Services. Create a link back to your website. Any enquiries made about your Business are sent direct to you with the interested Buyers details so that you can contact them directly.


Drive Sales and new Customers to your Business. Post Adds for Bargains and or Special offers on your Products and or Services, which our Buyers are always interested to see and take advantage of.