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Aluminium Rolled Products are no longer Manufactured in Australia but, there is a wide choice of products made available by the suppliers in Australia. All rolled products offered are imported from overseas. The term Aluminium Rolled Products refers to any Aluminium Flat Product that is rolled and formed. Specific Alloy and Temper combinations are used to manufacture products for specific applications.


Aluminum Rolled Product Suppliers


In the Aluminium Rolled Products category you will find information about products and services offered by the Aluminium Suppliers. The Aluminium Products covered in this category are Sheet, Coil, Plate, Treadplate, Propellor Plate, Stucco Embossed Sheet and Coil, Marine Plate and Sheet amd much more. The products offered come in a selection of alloys for specific applications such as Marine and Transport, 5083, 5251, 5052 and 6061 etc. and can come with paper interleaving, PVC coating and anodised and powdercoated finishes depending on availability.


It is also possible to have Rolled Products manufactured for your specific needs i.e. different size, alloys and temper, finishes and coatings etc. Ask the suppliers to assist you with your specific requirements.


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